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Capacitors Fuse Holders-Cords-AC Items Capacitors Tools and Batteries
Pots-Knobs Jacks-Plugs-Connectors Resistors Tubes-Valves
Foot Pedals Pots-Knobs Switches Capacitors
Misc Hardware-Grommets-Feet-Ring terminals Jacks-Plugs-Connectors Handles-Amp Trim Parts Lamps-Diodes-Channel Switching
Hoffman Turret Boards Capacitors Switches Tubes-Valves
Jacks-Plugs-Connectors Transformers Handles-Amp Trim Parts Tube Sockets
Handles-Amp Trim Parts Transformers Lamps-Diodes-Channel Switching Transformers
Resistors Guitar Strings Jacks-Plugs-Connectors Foot Pedals
Lamps-Diodes-Channel Switching Circuit Board Building parts Books Switches
Transformers Screws-Nuts-Washers Fuse Holders-Cords-AC Items Tubes-Valves
Lamps-Diodes-Channel Switching Tubes-Valves Wire-Cable-Heat shrink Capacitors
Transformers Tube Sockets Capacitors Misc Hardware-Grommets-Feet-Ring terminals
Screws-Nuts-Washers Pots-Knobs Pots-Knobs Pots-Knobs
Tools and Batteries Lamps-Diodes-Channel Switching Wire-Cable-Heat shrink Bike Light Parts
Misc Hardware-Grommets-Feet-Ring terminals Jacks-Plugs-Connectors Tools and Batteries Jacks-Plugs-Connectors
Chassis-Boxes Capacitors Jacks-Plugs-Connectors Lamps-Diodes-Channel Switching
Reverb tanks and Bags Jacks-Plugs-Connectors Pots-Knobs Switches
Tube Sockets Pots-Knobs Jacks-Plugs-Connectors Lamps-Diodes-Channel Switching
Tube Sockets Bike Light Parts Handles-Amp Trim Parts Misc Hardware-Grommets-Feet-Ring terminals
Tube Sockets Lamps-Diodes-Channel Switching Pots-Knobs Handles-Amp Trim Parts
Pots-Knobs Jacks-Plugs-Connectors Circuit Board Building parts Pots-Knobs
Wire-Cable-Heat shrink Lamps-Diodes-Channel Switching Fuse Holders-Cords-AC Items Pots-Knobs
Jacks-Plugs-Connectors Tubes-Valves Transformers Tube Sockets
Capacitors Fuse Holders-Cords-AC Items Switches Capacitors
Hoffman Turret Boards Circuit Board Building parts Circuit Board Building parts Tools and Batteries
Screws-Nuts-Washers Resistors Resistors Tools and Batteries
Jacks-Plugs-Connectors Pots-Knobs Jacks-Plugs-Connectors Wire-Cable-Heat shrink
Hoffman Turret Boards Tubes-Valves Fuse Holders-Cords-AC Items Foot Pedals
Tube Sockets Handles-Amp Trim Parts Screws-Nuts-Washers Wire-Cable-Heat shrink
Hoffman Turret Boards Tube Sockets Switches Tube Sockets
Pots-Knobs Fuse Holders-Cords-AC Items Hoffman Turret Boards Tube Sockets
Capacitors Screws-Nuts-Washers Lamps-Diodes-Channel Switching Chassis-Boxes
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Tube amp building information

The EL34 World Tube amp Library of information

Click the link above for Tube amp info, Tube amp schematics, Tube amplifier circuit board building information,
tube projects, Amp mods, Tube amp transformer diagrams, Photo's, Sound clips.
There are hundreds of pages of Tube amp information on my library page.

Tube amp schematic Tube amp Layout diagram
Check out the huge library of Guitar Tube amp schematics,
effects schematics and many other types of schematics

The Tube Amp Schematics Library

Please visit my Tube Amplifier Forum

Here's the place you can go to ask tube amplifier questions.
You will find a large community of friendly tube amp builders at the link above.
This is the place to go for tube amp building help and information.

My Tube amp parts catalog is on Hoffmanamps web site
You can go here to browse my tube amp parts catalog, or use the scrolling image browser above.

Hi, my name is Doug Hoffman
The EL34, in EL34 World, refers to my alias, which I have been using since 1999.
I first used EL34 as my gaming name when playing Quake 3 at LAN parties and on the internet.
I had to come up with some sort of alias and EL34 is what I came up with. :)
A EL34 is also a very popular power tube for many amplifiers.

I own several web sites that contain information about vacuum tube Guitar tube amps.
Hoffman Amplifiers is my Web store site for tube amplifier parts and SSC P7 LED bike light parts.
EL34World is my Main information site for many different subjects.
Click on the big button up above to go to my Web store on Hoffmanamps web Site

Check out some of my other hobbies and projects

My amps and guitars
Behringer FCB1010 mods and info
Controlling Guitar Rig with the FCB1010
Guitar Rig setup info
Sound setup and recording info
Windows mixer info
Mixcraft recording info

Sound Clips page
Sound clips and tunes of all types

Making a 3D Printer from scratch

DIY High Powered LED Bike Lights and Mounts

Converting a UPS to use deep cycle marine batteries

Making a custom game controller

Dallas one wire weather station

X10 Home automation

My veggie garden

My CNC machine and CNC projects

My Stirling Engine experiments

My Solar Greenhouse experiment

My Bikes

GPS stuff

Guitar Neck jig tool used for fret leveling

My USB foot controller experiment
Hack a USB keyboard to be able to control software with your feet

Hacking a ink jet printer to print on Copper clad PC board material

My Dogs - Cheyenne and Gaia

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Create your own custom Turret lug board

The Tube amp Library of information - Charts - Diagrams - How To's - Projects
Click the link above for Tube amp info, Schematics, Board building information, Projects, Mods, Transformer diagrams, Photo's, Sound clips.
There are hundreds of pages of Tube amp information on my library page.
Check out our huge library of Tube Amp Schematics here

Please visit my Tube Amplifier Forum
Here's the place you can go to ask tube amplifier questions.
You will find a large community of friendly amp builders at the link above.

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