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Hoffman style 5F6A Tweed Bassman parts listing.

This is not a kit, it is a parts listing.
See the layout diagram for blue colored text parts below.
Layout Diagrams and Instructions
The Parts below are not on the circuit board
Qty Part Description
1 5F6A repro chassis
3 9 pin fender style tube sockets
3 8 pin ceramic tube sockets
1 Power cord - your choice
1 Power cord strain relief
1 Power cord clamp
1 Fender lamp assembly
1 Bulb
1 Jewel -your choice of color
1 SPST carling power switch
1 SPST carling standby switch
1 SPDT carling ground switch
 (Not necessary with 3 prong power cord)
1 Fender style fuse holder
1 3 amp slo-blo fuse
1 022798 Power transformer
1 022855 (2 ohm) or 018343 (multi tap) output transformer
1 125C1A fender choke
1 5U4G or 5AR4 rectifier tube
2 6L6EH power tubes
2 12AX7WA pre amp tube
1 12AY7 pre amp tube - see mods
3 1MA Pot
1 250KL Pot
1 25KL Pot
1 5KL Pot
6 Knobs - your choice
4 RCA chassis speaker jacks or use #11 jacks
4 #12A input Jacks
5 ft Each Red, Green, Black, White 20ga wire
5 ft Each Red, Green, Black, White 18ga wire
2 ft Mini Shielded cable
4 Ring terminals
2 inches Heat shrink tubing
1 100P
1 .1/250V
5 20/500v or 22/500v filter caps
1 Bassman Filter cap can - see mods
4 8/32 tap screws for mounting cap can
2 1.5K - 1/2 watt
4 68K - 1/2 watt
2 1M - 1/2 watt
The Parts below are on the circuit board
2 100 OHM - 1/2 watt
1 470 OHM - 1/2 watt
2 820 OHM - 1/2 watt
1 1.5K - 1/2 watt
1 10K - 1/2 watt
1 15K - 1/2 watt
1 27K - 1/2 watt
1 47K - 1/2 watt
1 56K - 1/2 watt
1 82K - 1/2 watt
5 100K - 1/2 watt
2 220K - 1/2 watt
2 270K - 1/2 watt
2 1M - 1/2 watt
2 1 OHM - 1 watt
2 470 OHM - 3 watt
1 4.7K - 3 watt
1 10K - 3 watt
1 1K - 3 watt
1 250P
5 .022/630V
1 .1/250V
2 .1/630V
2 10/100V
1 22/50v
1 220/35V
1 50kl bias pot
1 1N4007 Diode
1 Hoffman Pre-drilled 5F6A circuit board
77 Turret lugs
6 1/4" Standoffs
6 #8 x 5/8" Screws
6 #8 Keps nuts
Use a 12AX7 instead of a 12AY7 for more gain.
You will have to make your own filter cap board - see the cap can size in the hardware section.
Tip: You can mount your filter caps inside the chassis and not have a cap can at all.
Items I do not stock
Cabinet - Mojotone
Speakers - Mojotone



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