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DIY CNC Dust shoe

I make a DIY dust shoe with 3 brush heights for my CNC machine
What a huge difference it makes when cutting materials

Click on the images to see a larger image
CNC Dust shoe
The white top and the bottom black pieces are 1/2 inch thick HDPE
I machined the white top piece so that the air that blows down from the Bosch colt is channeled out the back
No more air blowing down on the material and spreading crap everywhere
Also, no more air blowing stuff in my face

The air channels go around the outside of the router and there are two outlet ports at the back on either side of the vacuum hose
The vacuum hose is not glued into the hole, you can pick it up and vacuum off the work pieces and then stick it back in the hole

CNC Dust shoe
Here's what the white top piece looks like on the bottom
The 4 magnets are rare earth magnets
Two magnets face North and two face South
This way, you can only put the dust shoe on one way
The magnets on the white piece stick out past the material surface
The magnets on the black dust shoe piece are recessed
I doubled and tripled up on the magnets to get more height because they are only 1mm thick

The magnets sits down inside a depression and locks the dust shoe in place
These magnets are so strong that they almost suck the dust shoe out of your hand when you get the dust shoe close enough to the top white piece

You can get 20 of these magnets for $3 and change at DX and get free shipping from China
Get 2 packs because these things are really handy to have on hand
I purchased a few different sizes and always have them on hand for projects

The magnets are 12mm wide x 1mm thick
Here's the magnet link

CNC Dust shoe
Here's what the bottom dust shoe pieces look like
You can see that two sets of magnets face north and two face south
You can only fit the dust show on one way
The magnets on this piece are recessed down below the material surface

On the other side of this piece, I milled 1/8th inch wide x 1/8th inch deep groove all the way around the perimeter
The black conveyor brush material has a 1/8th inch wide x 1/8th inch tall steel band
I bent the brush material around a jig and then pressed the metal band down into the groove
I used a screw driver blade and tapped it down in slowly a bit at a time

It can be very tricky to bend the steel material around curves and keep the whole metal band level
Take your time and use some clamps if you have to

CNC Dust shoe
Here's the 3 dust shoes I made in 3 different heights
I purchased 3 inch high conveyor brush material and then just trimmed it down to 2 inches and 1 inch high

Conveyor brush
I got the conveyor brush material at Mcmaster-Carr
The metal band is 1/8th inch wide x 1/8th inch tall
It comes in different lengths
You can get it up to 8 feet long

The parts number is 74405T4
Here's the link

Dust Shoe
This diagram shows how the magnets North and south are different on each end of the dust shoe
Also, the top set of magnets protrude out past the surface and the bottom set of magnets are recessed
Dust shoe
This is what the DXF files should look like

Left - DustShoe1.dxf is the top white piece
Right - DustShoe2.dxf is the bottom black piece
I included both files in a .zip file and here is the file link

After you open the .dxf file, double check it against my screen shot above to make sure all the layers transferred properly
I have sent .dxf files to people before and sometimes layers and part of the file are missing

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