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Guitar Rig 2 - FCB1010 Midi pedal Setup

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This page assumes that you already have set up your FCB1010 Midi foot controller and are now ready to assign functions in GR2.
If you have not set up your FCB1010 controller yet, follow this link to program your FCB1010 controller first.
Note that I have the UNO PROM chip upgrade in my FCB1010 which lets me do Stomp Box mode.
You cannot do Stomp box mode without the UNO chip
  After you have set up your FCB1010 midi foot controller, you can use it to turn on and off things in GR2. You can use the FCB1010 expression pedals to turn knobs and move sliders like a Wah Wah or Volume slider. You can also sweep through all kinds of other things like EQ settings.
Here's how I turn on and off my Octavia using pedal #6/Stomp Box #1 on the FCB10101.
* Right click your mouse on the Octaver on/off button.
* A small dialog box opens up.
* Choose, Learn
* Now press footswitch pedal #6/Stomp Box #1 on the FCB1010.
* A bigger dialog box opens up saying that a new controller has been detected.
* GR2 adds the new controller to the list of controllers on the left side of the screen.

In this case, the new controller found is Controller #1, Midi key 120 ON.
You can see on the right side of the controller target area that it now controls Oktaver ON/OFF.

You can set up a Wah Wah pedal or volume pedal using the FCB1010 Expression pedals in the same exact way as described above.
* Right click your mouse on the Wah Wah pedal slider.
* A small dialog box opens up.
* Choose, Learn
* Now press one of the expression pedals on the FCB1010.
* A bigger dialog box opens up saying that a new controller has been detected.
* GR2 adds the new controller to the list of controllers on the left side of the screen.

You can add lots of controllers in GR2. The FCB1010 has a ton of pedals and two expression pedals that can all be used as controllers.
If you assign the same controller to another GR2 function in the same preset, the first function will be erased and the controller will now control the new function.
Each preset in GR2 can use any of the controllers you have already added.
One preset can use expression pedal A as a wah wah pedal and another preset can use the same expression pedal as a volume pedal.
Remember to save your presets after you make changes. If you add controller functions and then change to another preset, your changes will be lost unless you save the preset first.
You can delete controllers from the stack by clicking the DEL button. I have not figured out how to delete a controller in the middle of the stack. It looks like you have to delete from the bottom of the stack up.
You can clear the controller assignment by clicking the CLR button.
You can re-learn your controllers by clicking the LRN button.
You can set parameters for the controller on the right side target area by moving the sliders. See the off----on sliders under OKTAVER ON/OFF in the image above.
You can also set up components by left clicking on top of the right side controller target area. All the components in the current preset show up in a window.




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