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Lamps-Diodes-Channel Switching Pots-Knobs Tools and Batteries Lamps-Diodes-Channel Switching
Lamps-Diodes-Channel Switching Pots-Knobs Tools and Batteries Switches
Tools and Batteries Screws-Nuts-Washers Tube Sockets Tubes-Valves
Circuit Board Building parts Pots-Knobs Transformers Foot Pedals
Handles-Amp Trim Parts Reverb tanks and Bags Pots-Knobs Jacks-Plugs-Connectors
Tube Sockets Fuse Holders-Cords-AC Items Bike Light Parts Misc Hardware-Grommets-Feet-Ring terminals
Fuse Holders-Cords-AC Items Resistors Tubes-Valves Foot Pedals
Bike Light Parts Tools and Batteries Capacitors Tubes-Valves
Tube Sockets Lamps-Diodes-Channel Switching Pots-Knobs Jacks-Plugs-Connectors
Lamps-Diodes-Channel Switching Fuse Holders-Cords-AC Items Capacitors Jacks-Plugs-Connectors
Jacks-Plugs-Connectors Tube Sockets Capacitors Switches
Jacks-Plugs-Connectors Wire-Cable-Heat shrink Foot Pedals Wire-Cable-Heat shrink
Switches Resistors Tube Sockets Jacks-Plugs-Connectors
Tools and Batteries Circuit Board Building parts Transformers Wire-Cable-Heat shrink
Lamps-Diodes-Channel Switching Tube Sockets Pots-Knobs Handles-Amp Trim Parts
Lamps-Diodes-Channel Switching Jacks-Plugs-Connectors Pots-Knobs Fuse Holders-Cords-AC Items
Transformers Switches Jacks-Plugs-Connectors Pots-Knobs
Capacitors Chassis-Boxes Circuit Board Building parts Tubes-Valves
Screws-Nuts-Washers Switches Circuit Board Building parts Transformers
Handles-Amp Trim Parts Screws-Nuts-Washers Wire-Cable-Heat shrink Books
Transformers Jacks-Plugs-Connectors Resistors Pots-Knobs
Tubes-Valves Screws-Nuts-Washers Fuse Holders-Cords-AC Items Pots-Knobs
Misc Hardware-Grommets-Feet-Ring terminals Tube Sockets Misc Hardware-Grommets-Feet-Ring terminals Guitar Strings
Jacks-Plugs-Connectors Jacks-Plugs-Connectors Resistors Handles-Amp Trim Parts
Circuit Board Building parts Jacks-Plugs-Connectors Screws-Nuts-Washers Tube Sockets
Pots-Knobs Tube Sockets Transformers Chassis-Boxes
Wire-Cable-Heat shrink Switches Tubes-Valves Lamps-Diodes-Channel Switching
Handles-Amp Trim Parts Fuse Holders-Cords-AC Items Pots-Knobs Capacitors
Misc Hardware-Grommets-Feet-Ring terminals
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Tube amp Schematics index page

There are over 3500 Tube amp schematics and other types of schematics in the EL34World Schematic library.
There is also a huge library of effects and solid state schematics.
If you see a problem with any of the schematics, please email me so I can fix the problem.
If you have a schematic that is not listed and would like to submit it, please follow the instructions at the bottom of this page
Or you can send me the link to a schematic file and I will go fetch the file and upload it to our library
The Misc section has a huge selection of schematics, so make sure you look at that section

Click on the buttons below to go to each Schematic Index page

- - - -

How to submit a schematic file to the library

Your schematic should be a schematic that would interest people
There is no need to submit a schematic for a 1960s TV set

Old jukebox amps and pa amps like dukanes are good
Please look at the library first to see if the schematic is already in the library
If you have a better quality file than what is in the library, you can send the file

Please follow these file name guide lines

No spaces in the filename.
Please use the underscore character instead of a space.
Wrong = gibson  ga5.pdf
Correct = gibson_ga5.pdf

The brand name should be the first part of the file name.
Wrong = ga5.pdf
Correct = gibson_ga5.pdf

Email me using the email link at the bottom of this page to submit a schematic to the library.
You can attach your schematic file to the email
It is ok to email me a PDF schematic file
Please make sure you have followed the file name guide lines above.

The Tube amp Schematics and Tube amp Layout diagrams in the Library are mostly Adobe PDF files.
You must have Adobe reader installed to view a PDF file.
You can download Adobe PDF reader for free here.



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The Tube amp Library of information
Click the link above for Tube amp info, Schematics, Board building information, Projects, Mods, Transformer diagrams, Photo's, Sound clips.
There are hundreds of pages of Tube amp information on my library page.
Check out our huge library of Tube Amp Schematics here

Please visit my Tube Amplifier Forum
Here's the place you can go to ask tube amplifier questions.
You will find a large community of friendly amp builders at the link above.

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