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Pots-Knobs Lamps-Diodes-Channel Switching Jacks-Plugs-Connectors Hoffman Turret Boards
Transformers Switches Tube Sockets Pots-Knobs
Resistors Jacks-Plugs-Connectors Bike Light Parts Circuit Board Building parts
Pots-Knobs Fuse Holders-Cords-AC Items Capacitors Wire-Cable-Heat shrink
Circuit Board Building parts Screws-Nuts-Washers Tube Sockets Hoffman Turret Boards
Capacitors Chassis-Boxes Jacks-Plugs-Connectors Pots-Knobs
Jacks-Plugs-Connectors Circuit Board Building parts Lamps-Diodes-Channel Switching Lamps-Diodes-Channel Switching
Screws-Nuts-Washers Tubes-Valves Tubes-Valves Foot Pedals
Capacitors Bike Light Parts Pots-Knobs Jacks-Plugs-Connectors
Hoffman Turret Boards Tube Sockets Handles-Amp Trim Parts Handles-Amp Trim Parts
Screws-Nuts-Washers Tube Sockets Pots-Knobs Fuse Holders-Cords-AC Items
Capacitors Tubes-Valves Pots-Knobs Switches
Misc Hardware-Grommets-Feet-Ring terminals Jacks-Plugs-Connectors Misc Hardware-Grommets-Feet-Ring terminals Reverb tanks and Bags
Wire-Cable-Heat shrink Handles-Amp Trim Parts Tube Sockets Misc Hardware-Grommets-Feet-Ring terminals
Tools and Batteries Fuse Holders-Cords-AC Items Switches Transformers
Fuse Holders-Cords-AC Items Lamps-Diodes-Channel Switching Handles-Amp Trim Parts Tube Sockets
Switches Misc Hardware-Grommets-Feet-Ring terminals Tube Sockets Jacks-Plugs-Connectors
Hoffman Turret Boards Pots-Knobs Transformers Screws-Nuts-Washers
Tubes-Valves Chassis-Boxes Lamps-Diodes-Channel Switching Pots-Knobs
Tube Sockets Pots-Knobs Transformers Tubes-Valves
Capacitors Wire-Cable-Heat shrink Tools and Batteries Capacitors
Handles-Amp Trim Parts Capacitors Tools and Batteries Foot Pedals
Transformers Tools and Batteries Wire-Cable-Heat shrink Fuse Holders-Cords-AC Items
Tube Sockets Resistors Guitar Strings Lamps-Diodes-Channel Switching
Lamps-Diodes-Channel Switching Wire-Cable-Heat shrink Jacks-Plugs-Connectors Tubes-Valves
Capacitors Circuit Board Building parts Handles-Amp Trim Parts Lamps-Diodes-Channel Switching
Books Jacks-Plugs-Connectors Tools and Batteries Switches
Pots-Knobs Transformers Switches Jacks-Plugs-Connectors
Lamps-Diodes-Channel Switching Lamps-Diodes-Channel Switching Resistors Pots-Knobs
Capacitors Capacitors Jacks-Plugs-Connectors Screws-Nuts-Washers
Resistors Foot Pedals Fuse Holders-Cords-AC Items Jacks-Plugs-Connectors
Tube Sockets Jacks-Plugs-Connectors Pots-Knobs Hoffman Turret Boards
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Tube amp Schematics Sources - Hoffmanamps Tube amp schematics library
Tube amp community discussion forum - Hoffmanamps Tube amp forum is here
Tube amp parts - Hoffman Amplifiers tube amp parts store

Cabinet makers - Amp covers - Cabinets - Vinyl
Grille cloth - Back panels - Baffles - Speakers

Tube amp link

Tube amp link

Weber VST - Amplifier chassis and speakers

Mojo Musical supply

Audio Gear - Guitars - Guitar Amps - Effects - Pedals - Cable

Tube amp link

Tube amp link

Tube amp link

Tube amp link

Instrument wire - Used Musical Instruments and Guitars

Frenzel Tube Amps

Firebelly amps

Mike Boldin's Tube Amp Page

Hoffmann amplifiers
Not me, the guys in California that make amps.

Jones amplifiers


Vintage Tube Audio

BANKS Amplifiers

PedalBoard Velcro UK

Bittele - PCB Assembly services

Tube amp link
Vintage Guitars straight from the worlds best dealers and builders

Mini Effects Pedals carries Mooer effects which are mini guitar pedals.
Mooer's mini effects pedals are high quality mini guitar pedals that give you a lot of bang for your buck!

Forums - Amp projects - Information sites

Tube amp link

Hoffmanamps Tube amp forum

Dusty old amp

Rebuilding a Deluxe Reverb Reissue Amp

Spring Reverb Info Page

Smallbox Marshall

Tube Amp information page

Gear Repairs - Tools

Tube amp link

Amp-fix - Tape echo unit repairs

Variac Autotransformers - Circuit Specialists sells thousands of variacs because we offer the best deal in the industry!

Lessons - Tab editors - Music programs

Tube amp link

Tube amp link

Tube amp link

Get tips and lessons to learning the guitar with videos and tabs
Online Guitar Lessons 

 Free bass guitar lessons for different skill levels
Online Bass Lessons

Guitar and Accessories

Good guitar songs

PianoPlayerWorld.com - Learn how to play the piano with free tips and tutorials.

Songwriters - Publishers

Tube amp link

Loops - Samples

ThaLOOPS - Professional Hip Hop audio samples and loops for music production. Download Hip Hop Samples, Hip Hop Loops, Free Drum loops, acid loops.
Professional and unique sound libraries for Hip-hop, R&B and Pop music production. Variety of downloadable cutting edge sounds. FREE content available for tryout!

P5 Audio


Official Danny Gatton web site

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