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Fuse Holders-Cords-AC Items Tools and Batteries Capacitors Tubes-Valves
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Pots-Knobs Lamps-Diodes-Channel Switching Chassis-Boxes Tubes-Valves
Tube Sockets Hoffman Turret Boards Tube Sockets Misc Hardware-Grommets-Feet-Ring terminals
Tube Sockets Pots-Knobs Capacitors Pots-Knobs
Jacks-Plugs-Connectors Switches Wire-Cable-Heat shrink Screws-Nuts-Washers
Pots-Knobs Wire-Cable-Heat shrink Handles-Amp Trim Parts Tube Sockets
Pots-Knobs Pots-Knobs Tube Sockets Resistors
Capacitors Lamps-Diodes-Channel Switching Capacitors Lamps-Diodes-Channel Switching
Circuit Board Building parts Wire-Cable-Heat shrink Transformers Hoffman Turret Boards
Lamps-Diodes-Channel Switching Tube Sockets Hoffman Turret Boards Jacks-Plugs-Connectors
Lamps-Diodes-Channel Switching Switches Tube Sockets Handles-Amp Trim Parts
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Tube Amp Service technicians

Note: I do not endorse or may not even know any of the Technicians listed below. Any technician can asked to be listed here. If you have bad feedback about anyone listed below please email me. If I get several complaints about a tech, I will remove the listing.
How to submit your tech listing.
If you are interested in being listed here, please Email me with your listing.
Please type up your listing exactly as you want it to appear and email it to me in the body of the email.
Look at the listings below to get an idea of how you want your listing to appear.
Mention what type of equipment you like to work on. For example, some tech's will not work on PC board amps or they prefer to work on Fenders only or they will work on PA gear, etc.
If you want to submit references, I'll post them also. See the References page and follow the same format when you submit to me by email.
If you see a References link, click on it to see comments about the technician.
Email me and let me know if any of the tech's below are no longer in business.
Note: There are Canadian tech's listed below the US listings.

AL Towry Amp Repair in Moulton, Alabama services, makes repairs and mods on tube guitar amplifiers and home stereo tube amps. Located 15375 Al. Highway 24 in Moulton, Al. 35650. email towryamps@att.net Open 9am to 4pm Mon.-Wed. & Fri. or call 256-566-6318. Thanks Rice Towry
AL I repair all types of old tube type amplifiers including guitar, pa, jukebox and home stereo amps as well as old radios and I also build all types of audio amplifiers . I am a Certified Electronic Technician with over 50 years exp. I am a retired Walt Disney World audio technician. I am located in Hueytown, Al My phone number is 205 277 9963 and my email is  mountainradiorepair@hotmail.com Thank You, Charles Roberts
AL Curt Granger, Granger Amplification. www.GrangerAmp.com  - 203 S Beechwood Drive, Hueytown AL 35023 (205) 436-8219. I build, repair, and modify tube amplifiers. I have a degree in electronics, 30 years in the music industry as a guitarist, along with 15 years experience with AT&T as an electronic technician. Service charge of $60 per hour with 1/2 hour minimum. I have a solid track record of service to the customer. Visits to shop are by appointment only.
AZ About Tonykrank:Founder Krank Amplifiers 1996. Experienced PHX area technician with flawless reputation. Attention to detail excellent CUSTOMER SERVICE. Fast turnaround most cases. Reasonable rates. Charge by the hour not by the job. All work warranted. No runaround. HIGH QUALITY REPAIR WORK AND SERVICE. All major and minor brands. Printed boards dont scare me nor do hack jobs or weird circuits. Tubes or solid state Vintage and modern amp/effects specialist. www.orbitelectronix.com  Email: tonykrank@yahoo.com
CA Tube Guitar Amp Specialists, STEVENS AMPLIFICATION is a guitar amp service company located in California's San Fernando Valley with 25 years experience. We are an authorized service vendor for Guitar Center in Los Angeles specializing in vintage and newer tube amps. Services include: repair, restoration, retube recap rebias and general maintenance. We also do custom builds using highest quality parts with point to point hand wiring. Contact stevensamps@yahoo.com Ph. 310-980-6982. If no answer, please leave a message and your call will be returned promptly.  
CA Orange County Electronics Service: www.octvservice.com (949)768-0861. 23284 Del Lago Dr. Laguna Hills, CA 92653. We specialize in the Service, Repair and Restoration of all brands and models of Tube and Solid State Antique : Vintage TV, Radio, Amp, Hi-Fi, Stereo, Receiver. Turntable (Record Player, Gramophone, Phonograph), 8-track .Reel-to-Reel, Guitar Amp & most other vintage equipment.
CA David Harrelson, Objective Audio, http://objectiveaudio.com (818) 378-1862, david@objectiveaudio.com Palmdale, California. 40 years experience repairing tube amplifiers. Ampeg, Ahsdown, Fender, Hi-Watt, Hughes & Kettner, Kustom, Line 6, Mesa Boogie, Orange, Saldano, Trace Elliot, Valvetronix, Vox, and more.
CA Jerry A Blaha, Amp Crazy Hollywood : www.ampcrazy.com 35 years of Expert Amp Repair, Modifications & Custom Designs in Hollywood since 1978. Servicing all models of Tube & Solid-State amplifiers. Specializing in Fender, Marshall, Mesa, Vox, Orange, Hiwatt, US & UK amps,Vintage & Boutique Amps and much more. Mods, de-Mods, Restorations and Repairs of other peoples mods, custom amps and DIY projects. Extensive knowledge of all 50's to modern models of guitar and bass amplifiers and current boutique models. Former Tech for Rod Stewart, Black Sabbath, Joan Armatrading, W.A.S.P. with a large rock-star clientle list. In Hollywood, CA by Appointment, Call: 323-654-4908 Mon-Sun 10am-6pm PST.
CA Steve Selberg, CenterStaging Service & Repair Dept. I handle all the service & repairs for the backline, pro audio gear & console rental inventory here in Burbank, CA. Everything tube & solid state, from Aguilar, Ampeg, Ashdown, Bogner……Vox, Yamaha, etc. I’ve been in the pro audio business since 1974, product design & development of many products for BGW Systems, Marshall MXL Mics, tech @ Cherokee Recording Studios, Shop administrator/tech for Westlake Recording Studios before coming here. Top quality work, component level & mechanical, be it restoration, repairs, mods. Also handle repairs for Auntie M, Alive Sound; studio maintenance, microphone repairs, acoustical room voicing work, grounding problems. Contact me at 818-559-4333 ext 232, nevetslab@gmail.com  http://www.centerstaging.com/repair_services.html
CA Mike Franceschini, expert tube amplifier repair located in North Hollywood, CA. email me at ampservice@yahoo.com  Phone is 818-621-7814. Formerly head amplifier tech at Groove Tubes, Rivera Amplification, VHT, Diezel USA, Bogner, Rivera ( again ) Custom Audio Amplification ( John Suhr ) and am currently head of all technical at 65amps in North Hollywood. All repairs are guaranteed and turn around is typically about a week depending on volume of amps in for repair. I honestly believe I can make any amplifier sound better, due not so much on my brilliance but to the fact that I have repaired and bench tech'd thousands of new and vintage amplifiers - what ever your amps problem is, I have seen it before and found its solution. Repairs, mods, de-mods and general servicing.
CA Roy Blankenship, Blankenship Amplification, www.blankenshipamps.com  I am now back in the Los Angeles area doing repairs and custom amps. I welcome back all of my young and old clients. 818-530-8853.
CA Orange/Los Angeles County: Glass Sound Lab located in North Orange County. www.glasssoundlab.com Repair of tube amplifiers a specialty. Both musical instrument and home audio. I do not work on solid state equipment or modified amplifiers. Over 40 years of electronics experience. Send me an email at XXbill@glasssoundlab.com (Delete the two X’s).
CA Ventura County, Amplifier repair. Tube and solid state. Tube amps are a specialty. All makes and models. Reasonable rates. We proudly stock JJ Tesla tubes at great prices. We also build hand wired tube amps to your specification or check out one of our stock models. A single 12 inch hand wired tube combo amp in a mahogany cabinet starts at $1500. Available in 15, 25 and 35 watt configurations. email: paulg@speedboatamps.com Speedboat Amps, Port Hueneme, CA
CA Whole Tone Music amplifier repair. www.whole-tonemusic.com Tube & Solid State guitar amplifiers, PCB, Point 2 Point, power amplifiers, modern powered subs, mixers, pedals, Authorized Crate, Mackie, Ampeg warranty center. Vintage and new guitar intonation & set up. Rohnert Park California, Fast & Friendly service, Free estimates, Hourly rates.
CA E-tech Services- located in Orange County California.  I have over 20 years experience in pro and consumer electronics.  I work on both solid-state and tube amps, powered mixing boards, powered speakers, speaker, processor, home theater. I services  Crest, Crown, QSC, Bryston, EV, JBL, Urei, Crate, Fender, Hughes & Kettner, Korg, Kustom, Mackie, Marshall, Mesa-Boogie , Roland, Vox, Yamaha, Sony, Denon, Technics, and many others. Amplifiers have always been my specialty. All of my business is word of mouth and referral.  I only use the highest quality parts available and all work is guaranteed! Email proamptech@hotmail.com
CA Billy Yates, Venice Amplifier Company:   I have over 20 years experience in electronics and tube stuff has always been my forte. I have been playing guitar for 33 years, and I have played for major acts. That experience has given me an edge when it comes to quickly repairing guitar amps. I have had a 100% success rate with no returns in the past 3 years since I opened up my shop. All of my business has been word of mouth, and I have only been servicing 3 music stores in the west LA area. I work on anything tube oriented and will work on stuff that isn't Fender oriented. I work on Gibson, Ampeg, Vox, Marshall, Hiwatt, Laney, Orange, Dumble, and Oh Yea...Fender. How many ways can you slice a Western Electric circuit? Anyway, I can help when nobody else wants too. I'll do it, and with a 6 month warranty. Period. $35.00 an hour, estimates and basic trouble shooting is free. I am located in Venice, CA. 310-821-4663.
CA DYNASTAR ELECTRONICS - Professional Audio Service Division: Located in Central California - Fresno. 30 years of repair experience for all lines of guitar amplifiers, power amplifiers, PA Systems, Consoles, Effects, etc. Our fully equipped lab is clean and efficient, and we are fast and thorough with repairs. If you are “picky” about who fixes your gear, Dynastar is an excellent choice. We also cater to, and welcome new music stores requiring service help. Full electronics engineering/product development services also available. Please call or preferably send a detailed E-mail with your requirements. Church discounts available on a case by case basis. We’ll be glad to provide further instructions on the best way to get your gear to us - local or afar. (559)-433-9700. dynastarelectronic@sbcglobal.net WEB: www.dynastar-electronics.com
CA Culver City: Angelo Marruzzi at Guitar Services Unlimited. Over 25 years experience specializing in ALL makes of vintage and modern tube amps. De-modding, custom hot-rodding, complete overhauls, restoration, anything and everything. Solid state too. We also do guitars and effects pedals, and we specialize in stock restoration of vintage units with original NOS parts. We work for lots of studio and Hollywood pros, tons of reputable references available. Housecalls to studios no problem. Guitar tech services available. We are all pro players too so we know exactly how to make your amp sound the way YOU want it too. Meticulous attention to detail. Call us and you'll have a response before the end of the day. Fastest turnaround in Southern California! Bullet-proof service and very competitive rates. Your gear will be ready to TOUR! E-mail: solasound@hotmail.com  Phone: (310) 985-4600
CA Alive Sound. 3808 W. Burbank Blvd., Burbank, CA 91505.(818) 845-5103. Over 30 years experience repairing tube equipment. Fender, Marshall,Roland, Hiwatt, Trace Elliot, and much more. See why the professional audio world chooses Alive Sound. www.alivesoundcenter.com
CA George Tomasich, GPS Electronics, 13045 Tom White Way Ste I, Norwalk, CA 90650 (562) 802-0840. Established in 1996 our professional services are sought by the local retail stores and countless number of musicians from professional to beginners. We repair all types of guitar amplifiers, and professional sound equipment and offer warranty service for most major manufacturers. Each unit is thoroughly tested, not only for the original problem, but also for a complete performance check. We will inform you if additional repairs are needed. We use factory original parts, or high quality replacements. Our tubes are top quality and custom matched, to properly fit the characteristics of the amplifier.
For future reference, we file a final report with the amplifier's work order to preserve the history of each individual piece of equipment.
We are currently offering free estimates on carry in units.
CA Jay Collison, The Tone Garage in Oxnard, CA: I have over 21 years experience in electronics and tube amps have always been my specialty. Im currently a guitar tech for my brothers Christian rock-band called Broken based in Camarillo, CA. I've been working on amps most of my life and I know what they should sound like. All of my business is word of mouth. I work on both solid-state and tube amps, mixing boards, powered speakers, and anything else related to pro audio. As you would guess, my specialty is Tube Amplification. Im currently an Authorized Service Center for Ampeg, Crown, Crate, Fender, Hughes & Kettner, Korg, Kustom, Mackie, Marshall, Mesa-Boogie , Park, QSC, Roland, Vox and many others. We only use the highest quality parts available and all work is guaranteed! Give me a call, (805) 986-1808, email me: service@thetonegarage.com , or stop by my shop: 730 Arcturus Ave. Suite 25, Oxnard, CA 93033.
CO Willie Whittaker, NBS Electronics, 230 South Broadway, Denver, CO, 80209-1510, 303-778-1156. Specializing in tube amplifiers, Fender in particular. Because of the enormous volume of work I have, I'm SLOW - so if you need it yesterday, I'll be glad to give you a phone number for another local tech. De-modding and un-hacking services available. Over 40 years experience. Tons of tubes, speakers and repair parts in stock. Note that I do *not* do re-Tolexing, grille cloth, or cabinetry - this ain't no beauty parlor. I'm amp tech for Derek Trucks, and I built the amps he uses with the Allmans. 'Nuff said. ;-)
CT Mark A. Weiss in New Milford, Connecticut Tel: 860-354-4225, e-mail: mweiss@mwcomms.com web site: http://www.ampexperts.com Specializing in the repair of vintage vacuum tube amplifiers, all types of musical instrument amps, vintage hi-fi amps, equalizers, compressors/limiters and related hardware. My shop is equipped with sophisticated test equipment which enables me to measure and tweak your amplifier for optimum performance/lowest distortion. I can troubleshoot rare and unusual faults and fix it good as new, as well as correct defects in manufacturer design on some models. Over 40 years of experience in the repair, design and building of vacuum tube amplifiers! I can run a full set of measurements and determine frequency response, signal to noise ratio, distortion and harmonic profile of any distortion found. Often with just a few adjustments, I can improve the performance of your amp, reducing distortion and increasing tube life. Rates: $40 (1/2 hour) evaluation/diagnostic fee (applicable to repair fee if I do the repair work) and $80 per hour, plus parts
CT Manfred Schmidt has been an electronic engineer for 19 years and a guitar player for 30 years. He has installed the board kits and does tube amp service. You can contact him at, Manfred Schmidt /  M-Systems Inc. , 12 Valley View Rd. , Newtown, CT  06470, (203) 270 - 8926
CT Geoffrey Reed: I have been building, repairing, and designing, tube based and other electronic equipment for music since 1968. I especially like working on the older tube guitar amps, Fender, Marshall, MusicMan, Mesa Boogie, Vox, Hiwatt, and just about anything, but I prefer to stay away from most solid state amps, except for a few of the better ones. I also recone speakers. Scott tells me that I'm the only person he knows who can recone vintage speakers by restoring the original damaged parts. I guess I cultivated this talent by necessity as a teenager. I can restore ripped, spindled, frozen or off centered cones, buckled spiders, and also some voice coils, by disassembling and restoring, reassembling the damaged parts. However this can be expensive!!!! Worth considering for JBL's, they almost invariably have the same, correctable problem, and some Altec, Vox or Fender speakers that are worth two hundred$ as original eq, to the owner. I have been doing this work for several music stores in the area for 15+ years and have had quite a few friends, studios, and other private clients for 35 years. Including Len Stea, (formerly of Stea Philips, in NYC, now Stea Sound in Westport, CT), and Freddie Hellerman (Pete Seger,et al), I charge $25 for estimate deductible from repair price, and $40 per hour.
Geoffrey Reed 341 Maplewood Ave Brideport CT.06605 e-mail is: nikitesla@aol.com
FL Steve Williams, Address: 2015 N. Sharon Rd. Avon Park FL 33825. Cell #: 269-325-4070. Email: daddystevew@yahoo.com I have 20+ years building and repairing tube amplifiers. I have a large stock of parts and numerous resources for parts. Repairing guitar amplifiers has been a side business for me since 1985. My job as an instrument control technician keeps my hands in repair at all times. I am registered with the local musical instrument suppliers for amplifier repair. My repair knowledge also includes guitar accessory equipment, effects and all manner of stomp boxes. I am dedicated to my work with swift turn around. I also sell on Ebay under the name tubeblue my feedback rating can be checked for reliability. Thank you.
FL The Amp & Music Parlor, located in West Palm Beach, FL, specializes in restoring vintage tube amps of any sort. Established in 1994, we are a warranty service center for Fender and do non-warranty work on most boutique tube amps. We also assist the "do it yourself crowd" with their project amps and repairs when they run into issues. Check out our website at www.ampshopmusic.com or give us a call at 561-471-9441.
FL Vintone  Circuits - Your search for 'that tone' has ended! www.vintone.com  West Palm Beach, Florida. (561) 881-5443  Doug Stalters E-mail : vintone@adelphia.net. Custom built amps, speaker cabs and replacement cabs. Accurate reproductions of classic tonal circuits in exotic hardwood cabs. 25 years of electronics and fine woodworking experience. I use only the finest materials that are available today. You provide a schematic and I will re-create it. Tell me your wants and I'll design it. Send me your chassis and speakers and I will send you back a combo that you will treasure for a lifetime. All cabs are crafted of the finest hardwoods with half blind dovetail joinery, Leather handles, stainless steel hardware and heirloom quality hand rubbed finishes. Contact me for info and I will E-mail you photos.
FL Kelly Hundley, Frank's Electronics, 4127 Hwy 389, Panama City, Florida 32405, Phone (850) 872-0606, Fax (850) 872-9590. Frank's is an authorized service center for Crate, Ampeg, Marshall, Electro Voice, Korg Effects and Services most instrument/P.A. amplifiers. Kelly is also a guitar player with over 20yrs experience and uses Fender amps exclusively on stage.
FL Jacksonville, FL: Jicarilla Circuits - Tube amp repair, restoration, modification, custom builds. Pedal repair, mod, custom build. 904-229-4657
FL HI-TECH SERVICES is located in lakeland, plant city fl. The company has been in business for 15 years. They currently service all of the music shops in a 60+ square mile area. They are the warranty station for a number of factorys. The company motto is, "if it has wires...we can fix it". "We service tubes and solid state and smd amps, no problem". They are an AMPEG warranty station also.
Hi Tech services, 3910 KIRKLAND RD. PLANT CITY FL. 33566, 863-644-0525
Phil Dentler K4bhe@tampabay.rr.com
FL Class A Electronics, LLC repairs all types of amplifiers and pro audio equipment. We specialize in vintage Fender amplifiers. We are a new business but our technicians are qualified and expeirenced. Class A is the repair center for 7 local music retailers and many of Tallahassee's musicians and sound industry professionals. We do warranty work for many major manufacturers. Located in Tallahassee inside Railroed Square. 850.224.7275 www.classaelectronics.com  classaelectronics@hotmail.com  We except drop-off and shipped service. please call for directions or RA#.
FL Pro Audio Tech is a service company for solid state & tube amps, mixers, wireless systems, IEM, lighting systems, RF gear. FCC Technician License KI4JAY. Service center for many brands of gear. Visit our web site at: http://www.proaudiotech.net
FL Rodgers Amplifiers, 3824 Exchange Ave. Naples Fl. 34104 Phone-239-649-8799 E-mail LJRODGERS@earthlink.net We also do restorations, cabinets, soundboards, and sell tolex and grill cloth.
FL Scott Cousino, Redlands Studios, Homestead, FL (305) 248-1009. We repair vintage keyboards and tube amplifiers. Our technician has over 30 years of experience and is FCC licensed and Certified by ETAI. Please visit our website at: www.redlandsstudios.com or email: info@redlandsstudios.com
FL SCHENKEINSTEIN AUDIO Jacksonville Florida. 904-424-1545 Dr. Schenkeinstein 25 years experience with pro gear. www.schenkeinsteinaudio.com I Specialize In Tube Amp, Solid State Amp, Mixer, Power Amp And Foot Pedal Repairs. I Can Build Custom On Board Guitar Electronics Such As Pre Amps/Gain Boosters With EQ's(OR WITHOUT) And With Or Without A Specific Frequency Shift. I Can Build CUSTOM DESIGNED AMPS and CLONES of your favorite classic's, I do not use amp kit's. I design and build my own point-to-point turret lug boards. MY GOAL IS TO KEEP MUSICIAN'S AND BANDS PLAYING AND USING THE EQUIPMENT THEY LOVE AND NEED, MAKING A LIVING COMES SECOND TO ME, CALL ME CRAZY BUT I LOVE TO WORK ON AND USE ALL TYPES OF MUSIC EQUIPMENT.
GA We specialize in vintage tube amps but we also work on newer PCB type tube amps, no solid state stuff. Our focus is on meticulous attention to the details that affect the tone of the vintage amp. We take the extra time to check the little things often overlooked by other shops. This is followed up by critical listening tests to make sure the amp is performing to its highest potential. Jeff Andrews - Andrews Amp Lab, 4511 Chamblee Dunwoody Rd.,Suite E3, Atlanta, GA, 30338, 770-671-0485 -  www.andrewsamplab.com - info@andrewsamplab.com
GA Anderson Guitar & Amp Service, Atlanta, GA - (678) 458-4859 - www.andersonguitar.net - Serving all of Atlanta and beyond! Vintage tube amp repair and mods, PCB amps are accepted, solid-state and hybrids on a case-by-case basis. Guitar repair and mods are also available. Analog effects pedals only. Mobile and emergency service are available. I'll only do reversible mods on your vintage amp, no hack jobs. PCB to point-to-point conversions on Fender re-issue amps. Custom amps built on request. Sean Anderson - sean@andersonguitar.net
IA Mick Polich - I am located in Storm Lake in NW Iowa, and have been working on, and modding tube amps since 1979. I have been a field repair tech for Fender, Marshall, Peavey, Crate, VHT, Ampeg,Kustom, Mesa Boogie,Vox, Laney, and other brands. You can contact me at mickpolich@knology.net , or 712 213 0221.
IA  My name is Art Jacobson and I own A & M Amp Repair in Rock Rapids, Iowa. Our web site is amamprepair.com, telephones 712-472-4297 and 605-261-8230. A & M is in existence for the working musician. We try to make every amp coming across our bench as good as it can be while make it as reliable as possible and keeping costs down. I have been an industrial electronics repair technician for more than 30 years and have been an active musician and amp repair technician for even longer. We will work on almost any make of amp. Check us out and give us a call ! Many thanks, Don't Forget To Boogie !!!!!! A & M Amp Repair 307 South Dickinson Street Rock Rapids, Iowa 51246 overangle@yahoo.com art@amamprepair.com  712-472-4297
IL JTM Musical Repairs is your one-stop-shop for musical maladies in Southern Illinois. It is owned and operated by Luthier Justin Trowbridge, who has been a member of the Guild of American Luthiers since 2008. JTM Musical Repairs specializes in tube amplifer and stringed instrument repair. However, we can also work on keyboards, PA equipment, Solid-State amplifiers, and pedals. Every instrument and piece of gear will be treated with percision and high-quality care. You can check us out on the web at www.jtmrepairs.com  call 618-499-9285, or stop by in person at 601 W. Main St., Marion, IL. 62959. We look forward to hearing from and seeing you soon!
IL TONE LOVE Electronics - Working with electronics since I was 12, in 1963. I do outsource work for three music stores in the St. Louis - Metro east area. Guitar amps, Tube, Solid State, vintage, new. If I can get the parts, I can fix it. I generally charge $25 to open something up and see whats broken, and if I can fix it right then, the total cost will be parts plus extra for labor after that. For instance, You need an input jack replaced, but it's under a board that I have to loosen and flip over to get to as well as loosen all the knobs and control nuts your total cost will be probably about $45 plus the cost of the jack. (Usually less than $5) I work out of my home, and have no employees. I have no objection to you supplying your own tubes or speakers for a repair, or offering advice on the best parts to get. I'm a musician (guitar and bass), and am freinds or on a first name basis with most of the local musicians and many of them come to me as walk-ins. I also fix power amps, but they usually take longer and are not my forte'. I don't have the physical room to take on mixing consoles or keybords. Since information getting is my primary way of spending the day, I can also do research for you as well if you need some information on your gear. I build amps (Generally Marshall or Fender design) and stomp boxes (Overdrive, Distortion and Fuzz), as well as Dynacomp/Ross clones, vari-tones, and custom preamps. My myspace page contains a few photo albums of my work as well as several videos of pedals I've built. Contact: Bob Walker 618-667-0555 - tonelove1@live.com - www.myspace.com/tonelove1951
IL The AMPLIFIER SURGERY performs complete Restorations and Repairs on high-end audio gear from Accuphase, QUAD, Bryston, Krell, McIntosh, Pioneer, Luxman and more. We work on audio units as a hobby at a relaxed pace and offer unmatched workmanship and quality. Our QUAD 303 or 405 restorations cost $189, whereas a Pioneer M22 or Accuphase A45 (Class A) restorations costs $450. A complete Krell KSA-100 restoration starts from $700. We exclusively work on one unit at a time. You can reach us at amplifier_surgery@yahoo.com or 630-452-2998 in the evenings.
IL Vintage Vibrations Amplifiers in Antioch Il. I have 30+ years of experience with tube powered amplifiers, and as a guitarist. I specialize in repair,restoration,modification, and de-modification. All my work is guaranteed. I also build hand-wired boutique quality amplifiers. I treat every amp like it belongs to me, and always return replaced parts. Wheather you have a high-dollar vintage collectable, or a recent mass production amp, I will take care of you. Dan 'Ampdan' Wallen. 847-344-5034 info@vintagevibrationsamps.com  www.vintagevibrationsamps.com
IN Glen Keiser of The Music Depot, specializes in the electronic and cosmetic restoration of Vintage Fender and Ampeg amps. "We stock many original parts and, take every precaution to restore these great tube amps to their original luster.My partner and I are also players, with 50 years of combined playing between us.We also offer full luthier services, including repairs, paint jobs and re-frets.E-mail us for quotes on any service work,we are reasonably priced and just nice folks to deal with.  Email Glen
MA Ed Corbett: Servicing tube and solid state electronic equipment through Mockingbird Music in Mansfield, MA ( www.mockingbirdweb.com ), specializing in recapping, bias adjustment, general troubleshooting and modifications to tube guitar amplifiers. Experienced with all brands. I hold a Masters degree in electrical engineering and an FCC Extra Class license (AA1ZX). Email me at ccorbett1@comcast.net
MA We repair amplifiers (no matter tube or solid state), keyboards (old and new), mixers, recorders etc. We are an authorized servicer for Fender, SWR, Marshall, Vox, Gallien-Krueger, Gibson Goldtone, Ampeg, Crate, Eden, Peavey, Roland, Yamaha, Motion Sound, Allen & Heath, Novation, Vestax, Nord, Generalmusic, Korg, Kurzweil, Tascam, Boss, Fatar and others. ph # 617 928 0464 West Suburban, Inc., 337A Watertown St., Newton, MA 02458
MA Business Name: Carol-Ann Custom Amplification, Location: Haverhill, Massachusetts, Contact Name: Alan Phillips, Tel: 978 857 9026, Email: alan@carolannamps.com, Website: www.carolannamps.com I am a Tube amp tech located in Northern Massachusetts, originally from England with over 20 years experience. I am a Master Degree qualified Electronic Engineer and served a 4 year Apprenticeship building and servicing tube powered lab equipment. I was actually seconded to Philips in Blackburn (Mullard) for part of this !! I am also a working guitar player of 20 years and understand the needs of working musicians. Experienced with all makes and models, but being originally from England I especially love to restore old Vox and Marshall amps. I am also very experienced with building the 2 channel 'Dumble' style combos and heads for the discerning players who only want the best.
MA The Inventing Shed, Ashland, MA 01721 (Framingham) http://www.inventingshed.com 774-217-1338. We service all types of guitar and bass amplifiers. I can assemble your Ceriatone or Weber kit too. Lots of experience, prompt service and reasonable rates. We are a factory authorized service center for: Fender, Marshall, Crate, Ampeg and Eden. We are also a full-service guitar shop-custom guitar builder. Call for an appointment, flexible hours.
MA Savage Custom Amps / Copper Creek Amps. 27 Years of quality service. Fast, reasonable and reliable repairs of most brand amps, fx and pedals. Custom amps, combos and Fx from 10 to 200 watts. www.SavageCA.com
MD Amp repairs, modifications, custom builds. Pro audio mods and builds as well. Reasonable rates. Located in Baltimore, MD. I can easily be reached by email davidelambgruber@yahoo.com
MD Annapolis Amps: Annapolis Maryland - Tube amp repair, restoration, mods and custom built amps. Guitar set up and repair. Gary wright. 410-295-6611
MD LeRoy Fitch, owner and Tech, High Voltage, my web site is www.prosoundrepair.com
MI Steve Williams,  3607 Lincoln Ave, St. Joseph, MI, 49085, phone 616-429-1110, Email  tubeblue@ameritech.net .  I have 15+ years building and repairing tube amplifiers .I have a large stock of parts and numerous resources for parts. Repairing guitar amplifiers has been a side business for me since 1985 . My job as an instrument control technician keeps my hands in repair at all times.  I am registered with the local musical instrument suppliers for amplifier repair. My repair knowledge also includes guitar accessory equipment, effects and all manner of stomp boxes. I am dedicated to my work with swift turn around. I also sell on Ebay under the name tubeblue my feedback rating can be checked for reliability. Thank you. www.tubeblue.com
MI Company name is Dessinger Music, my name is Joe Dessinger, JDESSIN97@AOL.COM, I service all makes of amplifiers, both solid state and tube, we are a Crate/Ampeg dealer, as well as professional speaker reconing service. Two locations- 2152 W. Reid Rd. ,Flint, mi 48507, (810) 655-2870 and 101 N. State ST., Oscoda, mi 48750.
MO PRESTON ELECTRONICS serves musicians in western Missouri and eastern Kansas for repair of instrument amps, (Vacuum tube or solid state) keyboards and pro audio equipment, and has been in full-time business since 2000. Factory authorized service is available for most major brands. Neil Preston is an ISCET certified electronics tech with over 40 years of electronics experience, trained when vacuum tubes were part of the curriculum! See our website at http://www.prestonelectronics.com  for detailed information.
MO TONE LOVE Electronics - Working with electronics since I was 12, in 1963. I do outsource work for three music stores in the St. Louis - Metro east area. Guitar amps, Tube, Solid State, vintage, new. If I can get the parts, I can fix it. I generally charge $25 to open something up and see whats broken, and if I can fix it right then, the total cost will be parts plus extra for labor after that. For instance, You need an input jack replaced, but it's under a board that I have to loosen and flip over to get to as well as loosen all the knobs and control nuts your total cost will be probably about $45 plus the cost of the jack. (Usually less than $5) I work out of my home, and have no employees. I have no objection to you supplying your own tubes or speakers for a repair, or offering advice on the best parts to get. I'm a musician (guitar and bass), and am freinds or on a first name basis with most of the local musicians and many of them come to me as walk-ins. I also fix power amps, but they usually take longer and are not my forte'. I don't have the physical room to take on mixing consoles or keybords. Since information getting is my primary way of spending the day, I can also do research for you as well if you need some information on your gear. I build amps (Generally Marshall or Fender design) and stomp boxes (Overdrive, Distortion and Fuzz), as well as Dynacomp/Ross clones, vari-tones, and custom preamps. My myspace page contains a few photo albums of my work as well as several videos of pedals I've built. Contact: Bob Walker 618-667-0555 - tonelove1@live.com - www.myspace.com/tonelove1951
MN Stigney Audio Repair, Mounds View, MN. Repair service for all tube and solid-state amplifiers and PA systems. I am an authorized warranty factory service center for Fender, Marshall, Crate, Ampeg, Eden, Mesa-Boogie, Yamaha, Teac, Tascam, Korg, Kustom, Mackie, EV, Gibson, Vox, Laney, Akai, Genz-Benz, Line 6, Groove tubes, SWR, EVH, Peavey, etc. I also do speaker reconing and sales. I am a retired EE with a 1st Class FCC license and have been repairing amps for many years. You can contact me via email at rstigney@hotmail.com  or call 763 786-3156. Thanks, Roger Stigney
NC Vintage Synth Lab in Raleigh / Durham NC: Providing repair for vintage tube and solid-state amplifiers. Specializing in repair of vintage analog synthesizer and drum machines. 22 years experience repairing many brands: Fender, Marshall, Sunn, Ampeg, Vox, Orange, Roland, Korg, Yamaha, Octave, Moog, ARP, Univox / Minikorg (Mini-Korg), Sequential Circuits,, and many more brands. http://vintagesynthlab.com
NC I'm John Littlewood from Restless Repair in downtown West Jefferson NC. I specialize in all makes and models of guitar amps and sound gear. My first love is vintage tube guitar amps and as a professional guitarist of 40 years I've gotten to know quite a few. I am also the authorized Mesa Repair and Warranty Shop for this region. I know all the Mods, tweaks and restorations for Boogies as well as Fender and Marshall or about any thing you can bring in. Please check my website: www.restlessrepair.com for all my contact info. You can also email me: john@restlessrepair.com - References
NC HampAmp Tube Amp Services, Asheville area, Western North Carolina.35 years experience Designing, Building, Servicing and Modding Vaccum Tube Guitar Amps. I specialize in tube amps but also work on anolog solid-state guitar amps and PA gear as well. Very reasonable rates, Quick turn around. I do not do factory warranty work and perfer not to work on PC boards with surface mount components. Please call or e-mail for further information or to make an appointment. HampAmp Tube Amp Services. Black Mountain, N.C. gibsonsglp@gmail.com (828) 279-2071  - References
NC James Price, Jim`s Pro Audio, N. Wilkesboro N.C., (336) 667-1731. E-MAIL Groovtubin@earthlink.net . James has been servicing tube and solid state gear for 10 years. He currently repairs and modifies amps for customers in a tri county area. Retired aircraft electrician w/ NAVY, James feels quality is #1 priority. Peavey, Crate, Ampeg and Rocktron authorizations are in work. With extensive background in building amps from ground zero, he is looking forward to installing the Hoffman boards!! - References
NC Hello I have a Hammond Organ and Leslie speaker repair shop in North Raleigh, NC. I have been servicing and rebuilding Hammond and Leslie tube amps for the last 20 years. I have a vast suppy of new and some good used parts in stock. We will travel to remote locations, but I prefer clients to bring in amps for repair. Size and weight of these units sometimes makes the later impractical. email ncb3@bellsouth.net  phone is 919-844-2955 cell is 919-795-3132 thanks
NC Music Tech Services, 3021-1 Stonybrook Drive, Raleigh, North Carolina, 27604. Phone 919-872-5119. Email: musictech@ncrrbiz.com. We are a full service facility for most professional musicians gear. We have been Factory Authorized for sixteen years to repair most brands of amplifiers, mixers, speakers, synthesizers, digital pianos, organs, Rhodes pianos, Wurlitzer electric pianos, MIDI products, hard disk recorders and
lighting controllers. Our two technicians have been repairing music gear for more than 30 years. All of our employees are also musicians, which gives us an extra bit of insight into our customers needs and equipment problems.
NC Byron Hill Ltd. of Cary, N.C. has more than 30 years experience maintaining and repairing all makes and models of tube hi-fi and musical instrument amplifiers. We respect vintage equipment and understand the importance of maintaining the value, integrity, and playability of collectible gear. In addition to performing general repairs, we stock a large selection of period parts which allows us to preserve the appearance and sound of older equipment. We provide fast and courteous service to all our customers which over the years has included Al Di Meola, James Gandolfini, Bill Frisell, Derek Trucks, members of Phish, and hundreds of individuals and local acts. www.byronhill.com telephone (919) 468-7114
NC Mad Science Works in Raleigh NC: Repairs of most amps, tube and solid state. Minor repairs to complete extensive restoration. Factory Authorized service for Fender, Mesa Boogie, SWR, Ampeg, Crate, Eden, Orange, Kustom, Randall, Mackie Speakers. Boutique amp friendly, experience with Two Rock, Kendrick, Fuchs Audio, THD, Tophat, Dr. Z, Matchless, Bad Cat, VHT, Carr, Suhr. Marshall, Marshall, anything Marshall of any era. Vintage amp experts, Dehacking, Plexi, blackface, silverface, Ampeg SVTs, Acoustic 360 and 370. TUBES IN STOCK, ALWAYS! http://www.madscienceworks.com
ND Mark Wallis - I have been servicing, modifying and building tube amps for 17 years in the Fargo-Moorhead area. I have had the privilege to work with the majority of musicians in the area (I can't claim Jonny Lang, though). I have specialized in both Marshall and Fender mods and have incorporated some Soldano, Boogie, Jose, Lee Jackson style features into the amps that I have built. I am proficient with Boogies up through the Mk III series, but will take on any Boogie. I am NOT a fan of the Marshall 900 series, enough said. I have an authorized Soldano sales shop at my disposal, Solidbodyguitar.com, Inc., as well as a medium-sized sound/light company that can provide enough system for any venue in the area including outdoors, Valley Acoustics and Engineering. I have a good friend that is the Hammond/Leslie KING of the area, Precision Electronics. If he can't fix it, forget it! I don't have a web site or even a computer right now (thank God for day jobs!), so I would prefer the old-fashioned style of communication - the telephone. I can be reached at 701-239-8086. I am married, so this is not a 24-hour hotline!
NE Master Tube Guitar Amplifier Builder and Repair: Located in Omaha, NE. Owner Ken Marxsen (402) 505-4034. 34 years of tube electronics experience. Tube amp builds. Tube and solid state amp repairs, restorations and modifications, all brands. Tube radio repairs and restorations. Service charge of $35 per hour with 1/2 hour minimum. Estimates for 1/2 hour minimum. I have a good track record of Service to the customer with value added service. Thanks.
NE Antech Electronics/Echoluxe Music. Located in Omaha, Nebraska. mostly vintage tube amps, some solid state, guitar set-up & restoration, repairs, handmade pedals, mics, tube mic pre's., related projects. Fender Certified in the '90's. Analog Man refers his tape echo repairs my way. A quick browse of the website will answer 99% questions: www.echoluxe.com  email: repairs at echoluxe dot com.
NH Masonworks Electronics expert vintage and modern amp repair and vintage effects pedal repair, Servicing pro Musicians for over 20 years in New Hampshire. Fender and Marshall our specialty, personal service at reasonable rates. Pro musician/technician Glenn Mason. website www.masonworkselectronics.com
NH LeBaron Brothers Audio, LLC is located in southern New Hampshire. We service all tube and solid-state amplifiers (PC board and point-to-point) as well as mixers and pedals. We offer quick turnaround and reasonable rates. Please visit our website at: http://www.lbaudio.com
NJ Rob DeAntonio, Jaded Faith Mods in Hamilton, NJ. Established in 2007, we have done modification and repair work for over 2000 professional and consumer customers on 6 continents. Services include electronics service, repair, maintenance, modification and custom builds. We work on everything from vintage, tube, solid state, PCB, etc. Authorized service for Randall, US Music, Egnater and more. Rates are $60 an hour, one hour minimum. Contact Rob at (609) 234-7111 or via email at info@jadedfaithmods.com  Visit us on the web at www.jadedfaithmods.com
NJ Electronic Instrument Repair- 1044 Industrial Drive Suite 8, West Berlin, NJ 08091. Just 15 min east of Philadelphia. M-F 10am to 6pm, Sat 10am – 2 pm, 856-719-0280 daytime (609) 217-0391 evening cell. Guitars, Basses, Keyboards, Amps, PA's, Mixers, Powered Speakers, effects pedals modified and repaired. Guitar and Amp modifications, pickups and pickup switching. ALL MAKES AND MODELS. Authorized service for Marshall, Orange, Hughes and Kettner, Kustom, Eden, Warwick, BC Rich, Spector, Traben, Yorkville, Traynor, Powerwerks, Bad Cat. ***NEW SERVICE***Ghost (R) acoustic and MIDI interface installation. Solid State and Tube Amps. 30+ years experience, reasonable prices. Steve Rosenfeld, Senior Electrical Engineer. Electronic Instrument Repair. Guitars, Basses, Amps, Keyboards, Mixers, Speakers. Repairs, Full Setups, Tube Amp Bias Adjustments. TUBE AMP SPECIALISTS. Custom Pickup Switching and Tone Modifications. Graph Tech Ghost (R) Acoustic and MIDI Preamps. Graph Tech Composite Bridges, Saddles and Nuts. Compensated Nuts installed. Mercury Magnetics Transformer Upgrades. 1044 Industrial Drive, Ste #8. West Berlin, NJ 08091. 856-719-0280 office phone. 609-217-0391 cell
NJ Rich Santucci is the proprietor of Professional Audio Services in beautiful Point Pleasant NJ. His shop is factory authorized for Fender, SLM, and Korg/Marshall products. Peavey and Roland authorizations are currently pending. Additionally he offers speaker reconing (he is a Waldom/Image communications distributor). Starting June 1st an associate will be joining him offering both guitar and band instrument repair. His Email address is  proaudserv@aol.com or via telephone at 732-295-8690 voice or 732-295-7140 fax. Richard Santucci, Professional Audio Services, 2031 Bridge Ave, Point Pleasant, NJ,  08742
NM Kali Music Repair Service. Since 1996 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Factory Authorized Warranty and Non-Warranty Service for Mesa Boogie, Fender, Marshall, VOX, Peavey, Crate and Korg. Service for all "boutique" amps: Matchless, Two Rock, Bogner, Engater, Carr, Vintone, Divided by 13, etc. I repair, restore and build tube amps and also service solid-state (transistor) amps, keyboard and PA equipment. I am also a Bill Nash Guitars dealer. Service and Sales by appointment only. Please call 505 473 1236 or email info@kalimusic.com
NY VIN-TONE has been in the Vintage Audio Restoration business for over 30 years. We can Repair/Restore nearly any audio equipment with Tube/Valve circuitry. We are also very proud of our In-House Speaker Repair/Re-cone Service. We stock thousands of parts and specialize in Field Coil/Electro Magnet and Alnico Magnet Speakers. Our sister company VT Services is involved in Speaker Manufacturing and Consulting for the audio industry including the Boutique Amplifier market. Contact us online at Vin-Tone.com  or by phone at 914-595-5142 We are located in the Hudson River Valley of NY state approximately two hours north of NYC.
NY John Freed, of Freed Instrument Services tubeamprepair@gmail.com 3 East Pine Street, Granville NY 12832 518-642-2812. I repair and modify tube and solid-state amplifiers. I specialize in vintage and restoration work, all makes and all models. I have a college degree in Electronics and have over 30 years experience repairing gear. I also repair acoustic and electric guitars and do custom pearl inlay work. I am also a guitar player and actively playing in a 5-piece band. Service charge of $60 per hour with 1/2 hour minimum. Estimates given. I cater to working musicians!
NY Chris Davis tours with Hall and Oates sometimes, so he not at home all the time. He installs the board kits and does service work on everything from Ampegs to Valco's. Chris lives in New York state, his phone number is 914-297-9155.
OH Full service Tube and Solid State amplifier technician with experience in everything from 1950's Vintage Amps to current production Modeling amps. We service amps and guitars and are fully able to perform Warranty and Non-Warranty repairs. We also perform customized modifications on most guitars and amplifiers. Fastest return time in the city with a typical repair rate of less that one week, excluding specialty part ordering. All repairs are fully warrantied and guarrentied to perform as expected. $35 bench fee applies for repairs not completed. Western Hills Music, Cincinnati, OH 45211, 513-598-9000, www.westernhills-music.com, whillsmusic@yahoo.com
OH Vintage Amp Repair, Columbus Ohio...specializing in the repair and custom modification of tube amplifiers. Rates are $ 65.00 per hour plus materials. Website: www.vintageamprepair.com , E-mail: VintageAmpRepair@aol.com, Phone: 1-614-491-4965.
OH Paul Kelly holds FCC Commercial License PG00010233, is a Certified Broadcast Technologist, and has been a builder and "fixer" since 1968. He works very part-time from his home shop doing tube amp repairs/optimizations, guitar electrics, and ham radio repairs. He can be reached at paultkelly9@hotmail.com - Cincinnati
OH Professional Technical Services  www.ptsaudio.com  ptsaudio@sbcglobal.net  419-471-1956 located at 4349 Monroe Street, Toledo OH 43606. Specializing in warranty and non-warranty repair of most pro audio brands of mixers, amps, effects, speakers, keyboards, tape decks, digital recorders, etc. Also specializing in custom-voicing and modification of instrument amps and audiophile amplifiers. In business for over 18 years, combined technical experience of over 75 years. 90 day parts & labor warranty on all work. Extensive schematic library and parts inventory.
OH Tim Wagoner, Avon Lake, Ohio. 330-980-0285. I'm located in Roadhouse Music in Middlefield OH. Repairing and Optimizing amps and guitars for 5 years officially but have been in the music business for over 30 years. Degree in Electronics and another in Performance Music. I charge a $25 bench fee that is applied to the repair is repaired. Bench Fees of $60 an hour and, in the case of guitar work, by the repair type. I rarely go over two hours unless doing restoration and time consuming work. You're now welcome to drop off at my home in Avon Lake or the store, 440-632-0678. By appointment only at home, please.
OH Amp N' Guitar Doctor. 1914 Tuscarawas St W. Canton, Ohio 44708. Complete Amp and Guitar repairs. Vintage Amp restorations as well as Quick fixes fast retube, biasing, caps. Ampeg, Fender, Marshall, Boutique. 25+ Years Experience. I service Local and National performers. I'm a performing musician too! Check out www.myspace.com/ampguitdoc Call 330-452-8210 or E- ampguitdoc@sbcglobal.net I always have amps for sale. Ask for Manny or Chris.
OH Dolphin Hollow State Labs www.dolphin-hsl.com Cincinnati, OH. Offering repair, modification, and design of vacuum tube audio amplifiers. Over thirty years of practical experience.
OR Gorge Amp Labs is owned and operated by Rick Doersch in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge area. I have many years’ experience in musical electronics and Live Sound. I can repair and mod any guitar amp, tubes or sold state. I also repair Pro sound equipment have knowledge and equipment to repair and test state of art Surface Mount and Switching equipment. Shop is located in downtown White Salmon WA and along with WA, I serve the Hood River, The Dalles, and Portland Oregon area. Phone Toll free 888-664-8799 or email info@gorgeamplab.com
DE Amp repairs, modifications, custom builds. Pro audio mods and builds as well. Reasonable rates. Located in North Wilmington Delaware. I can easily be reached by email davidelambgruber@yahoo.com
PA Matthew D. Manhire, Rootbeer Audio, Philadelphia, PA - RootbeerAudio@gmail.com Vintage & boutique tube amplifier repair, modification, and restoration services along with custom amplifier building. I've worked with Jess Oliver (inventor of Ampeg B-15), Andy Fuchs (Fuchs Audio), and more. See website for more references. http://www.rootbeeraudio.com
PA Ron Meersand's The Amp Shop Philadelphia, PA 215 687 3693 Hours By Appt. For a small Fee Pick Up and Delivery available with in 25 miles of the shop Tube Amplifier Repairs All makes and models - Solid State Amplifier Repairs - PA systems - Mixers - Custom Amplifier Builds as well as stock amp builds. Price per project call to discuss your needs. Cerea tone Authorized build and Repair Center. Studio Control Room Design & Construction Wiring Design & Construction Patch bay systems. Recent Projects Include New Studio Installs for Philly Based Artist's Joe DeFeo's new Project Recording and Mixing Studio and Jazz Guitarist David P. Stevens' New Sanctifly Recording Studios In University City Drexel / UPenn. Studio Consultant services available Call For my rates. Large frame audio console repairs: SSL NEVE DDA Otari Sony MXP Soundcraft Mackie. Large format analog Tape machine repair and alignment: 1/4" 2 track 1/2" 2 track 1" 16 track 2" 24 track Studer, Otari,MCI,Sony,Ampex Etc. With Over 30 years of experience in Electronics Repair for Major Recording Studio's such as Electric Lady in NYC and Fantasy Recording Studios in Berkeley CA as well as Cello Recording in Hollywood CA Ron Meersand's Amp Repair Shop can get your problems fixed in a timely manner. Every Customer is treated like a Rock Star at the Amp Shop! Some Artists I have worked with Include Santana, Gregg Allman, Booker T. Jones, Third Eye Blind, The Buzz Cocks, Green Day, In 2000-2001 I went out as a Tech With the Rock Band Tesla located in Northeast Philly since 2005 and Ready to meet your electronic Service needs gives us a call you'll be glad you did! 215 687 3693 THE AMP SHOP
PA Pro-Amp: We operate a complete musicians and pro audio electronic repair service with 35 years of experience. We serve the musician, the pro audio community, the pro keyboard community as well as the individual teacher and student. In addition, we provide light sound reinforcement. We serve many music retailers in the Eastern PA area. We are authorized with the following companies for warranty repair.
Fender, Sunn, SWR, Peavey, Marshall, Vox, Ampeg, Crate, TubeWorks, Genz-Benz, Kustom, Allen and Heath, Dean Markley, Samson and Hartke Systems . We service tube amps as well as solid state. Temple, PA (Near Reading). Jeff Crater, Pro-Amp repair, Shop: 610 921 3244, FAX: 610 921 8593, Cell: 610 207 8457. Email - jeff@proamp.net Web site- www.proampservice.com
PA Jim Jorewicz has been repairing tube amps for over 20 years. All makes and models,mods,demods,kits,rewires,45.00/hr. Evening hours or by appointment,cash or check 24-981-2130 cell 724-866-8234. Owner-Tri-State Electric Service Industrial-Commercial Electrical Contractor,since 1983
SC TW Music, Greenville SC area. Tube amp service, mods, mod removal, kit building, etc. 20 years experience. contact Tim 864-270-2699
SC Steve's Electronics & Sound: I live in the Newport,Oregon area and I am a Crate,Audio Centron and Ampeg warranty service center for these companies and the local area music stores as well. I have my own repair business as well as retail outlet for musical equipment. I will work on anything that comes into the shop but my favorite is Vintage Fenders. I have become quite good at the Fender,Sunn and Marshall tube amps,and can usually diagnose and repair most of them without a schematic. I will refer to schematics to make sure the vintage status is maintained. I like to keep them as they came from the factory and preserve the history of the sound. I am familiar with Gibson and most any of the other tube amps but also am very well versed in the solid state amps. I am the only tube service tech for about 80 miles each way from my location and have got a solid reputation that is easily referenced if needed. I am not an authorized Peavey tech but repair many of their amps as they pass through the shop. I am a one man organization and give each amp as much attention as it needs to make it a quality piece of equipment when it leaves my shop. I have been in business for almost 25 years. Steve's Electronics and Sound, 3198 Hwy 319, Aynor, South Carolina, 29511, 843-333-1101 , Email wt5565@sccoast.net
TN Robert Hull - Memphis, TN and surrounding area. Tube and solid state audio equipment repair. Specializing in tube guitar amps. MyAmpTech.com  - www.facebook.com/myamptech - myamptech@gmail.com
TN MICK DYCUS- Dycus Music Electronics Services, 200 Kist Ave., Dyersburg, TN. 38024. Ph. (731) 285-3173. E-mail- mickchev@netzero.net cell# (731) 589-0162. I have  been a guitar player since 1968, and working on tube amps since about 1978. I tore up my first Silvertone amp back in ''69- and as punishment, Dad made me help him put it back together. I got an electronics degree in '86, while still playing guitar in local bands. I specialize in working on the older Fenders, Marshall heads-combo's (up-to-mid-nineties), but I can do repairs on the "New Millenium" Stuff. Old Fenders, Marshalls, Boogies, Gibson's (pre-'90's) are my favorites to do mods on. I've been active in the study of restoration and modification for 13 years, and I use my own 3 Marshall heads, and four of my old Fenders for testing these mods live with my band. I have built and restored new and vintage cabs, ( including the cosmetics, tolexing, tweeds) for pickers in the West TN. area. Cabinets are built one-at-a-time, and take me a while to finish. Baffles, and grill cloth replacement also. I give the customers choice of speakers, but do offer my personal choices, if they want to know. As much as I can, I service Pa audio amps, custom snakes and cabling, build effects, do amplifiers, and teach guitar/bass. I'm very busy . I only have part of each week to dedicate to tech work, though, because I play quite regularly in my Blues-Rock trio called "HEAVY BLUES CHEVY". Playing music, and getting killer tones has been the substance of my entire life, and helping other players get what they want out of their gear is also a very rewarding thing.
TN http://www.myspace.com/nashville_tube_amps - P.O. Box 703, LaVergne, TN 37086. I build and upgrade tube amplifiers (see website for details). I will gladly build Marshall style amps. Ceriatone kit builds, ok. All kits can be fitted with upgrade parts of your choosing. Fender style and Vox style amps are in the pipeline. (I am in no way affiliated with any of those companies.) I also assemble electric guitars and basses from the best parts sourcable. I have been a guitar player for over 25 years and recorded my first album last year. I have a 15+ year career history in Information Technology, from Computer Operator to System Administrator. Fixed price for builds; very reasonable service charge for upgrade/retrogrades. Email: lcampwerks -at- yahoo ...ask for BK!
TX Latham Electronic Systems , Tube and Solid State amp repair and modifications for the DFW area. 972-464-7802
TX Amplifier cosmetic restoration. Specializing in tolex removal and installation. Servicing the DFW metroplex and customers willing to ship. Visit us at www.ogletreerestorations.com or call 8172963669 for a fast and friendly quote. Dallas, TX
TX  Billy Z , Fender Authorized Amplifier tech, 30years experience. Also, Marshall, Vox, Orange, Mesa Boogie, Ampeg, and all other tube amplifiers. Fast, friendly, and guaranteed! www.billyz.net 512 590 9234
TX At James Audio, Fort Worth, TX we can fix most anything. Vacuum tube specialists, Fender, Ampeg, etc. Not just another repair shop, we have decades of experience and can create schematics, install board kits and customize your tube amp. Phone 817-457-6435 and ask for James or visit us at http://www.jamesaudio.com
VA Eric Summer @ Viking Amps - Servicing tube amps of all types repairs/mods/demods/builds just about anything you can imagine as long as it's tubes. Sorry no solid state. Have been working on tube amps since the early 70s and will continue to until I flatline. Even then I have no doubts that when I fall into the amp I'm working on the B+ will get me rolling again. You can email me at eric@vikingamps.com Also please check out my amps at www.vikingamps.com Thanks!
VA Atlas Amplifier Repair - (Fairfax Station, VA) We specialize in vintage tube amps. Our focus is on meticulous attention to the details that affect the tone of the vintage amp. We stock vintage carbon comp resistors and have many vintage period correct parts for Fender and Marshall. Tube amplifier repair, vintage vacuum tube sales, and more. Reasonable rates. Contact: Jimmy Hummer via email at - guitar.jimmyhummer@gmail.com PH: 202-596-5196
VA With more than a century of combined experience, founders Bill Thalmann and Doug Weisbrod and Music Technology's talented team of technicians have an extensive background in all aspects of tube amp repair and customization. Our technicians are some of the best in the industry. And we're friendly folks, too. You can trust your amp repairs and tweaking to Music Technology. To learn more about Music Technology, call us at (703) 764-7005. If you have questions about a particular technical issue or a general inquiry about our repairs feel free to e-mail any one of our technicians, according to their expertise. We'll try to offer prompt, useful advice to best help you out. Our experience and passion for customer service drives us to offer unbeatable repair and service. Customers choose us at Music Technology because they can trust us to find quick, effective solutions, allowing them to enjoy great-performing equipment when they need it. You'll always be happy you made us your source for quality amp repair. Doug Weisbrod is our guitar amplifier expert, offering experienced tube amplifier repair and more. He is versed in all the major brands as well as the more obscure. Doug is the designer of the Talos Basic. http://www.musictechnology.com
VA Joe Kolla, The Tube Amp Guy, LLC 12430 Gayton Road, Henrico VA 23238 tubeampguy@comcast.net or call 804-592-0181. Web site www.thetubeampguy.com Located in the west end of Henrico county in metro Richmond, VA, The Tube Amp Guy serves all musicians from novice to hobbyist to touring professional. I offer my clients a unique experience as I take a personal interest in their musical style. The Tube Amp Guy is not simply a repair shop, I listen carefully to what my clients want from their musical gear and partner with them to make it happen. My fees are very reasonable and I never surprise my clients with a big bill. You will be given an accurate estimate for repairs. I'll review the details of my work with you when you come to pick up your gear, and we'll test it together to be sure it is repaired to your satisfaction. I have 29 years experience and a degree in electronics engineering and I play guitar and drums. I work on all guitar tube amplifiers and vintage solid state. I do troubleshooting and repair, tone mods, bias adjustments, custom builds, board mods etc. I treat your gear with respect! I perform guitar set ups and mods and I also repair effects pedals, Vox organs, Rhodes pianos, and analog tape machines.
VA Roger Pinto, owner of Universal Electronic Repairs has 27 years of experience servicing anything that plugs in the wall. He is the former Senior Technician for Marshall Amps as well as a Lead Technician for Korg USA. While working for Marshall, Roger has had the opportunity to work on some of the most famous musicians equipment in the world as well as teaching for Korg and Marshall service centers. He was also an Adjunct Professor of Electronic Technology with Five Towns College in N.Y. With his extensive background and knowledge of electronics as well as his experiences with Marshall and Korg, he can fix or modify anything you have that needs it. Whatever it is, just call or e-mail.  stringking@earthlink.net or 434-974-1519. All estimates are free and the prices are low. web site www.universalelectronicrepairs.com
VT Dan Lurie builds and repairs tube guitar amps. Old or new with PC boards or point-to-point circuitry not a problem. Will modify amps, convert amps to point-to-point using turret or eyelet boards. Understands the value of a vintage tube amp. Located in South Burlington, Vermont. Call or email Dan: 802-310-5967. djlurie_at_comcast.net. Website: http://www.fydamps.com
WA My name is Christopher, I own and operate a small repair shop in Ellensburg, Washington. I specialize in all professional musical audio including vintage amplifiers. Authorized warranty repairs for Peavey and Korg/Marshall. I'll rarely turn any project away and enjoy especially mods and hot-rodding vintage amps. I have been playing Bass for 30 years and electronics for 35. I also restore vintage radios. Current Products Repair, 302 N. Water, Ellensburg, WA 98926 (509) 962-CPR8 e-mail: www.welcomebackradio.com
WA Ed Gotti - Westside Performance Amp and Guitar Repair recently moved to the Seattle Area. I have extensive experience in Electric/Acoustic Guitar/Bass repair as well as Guitar/Bass Amplifier Service and repair. I have worked with local session and touring musicians all around Hollywood, Calif. from Santa Monica to Santa Clarita and from Malibu to Huntington Beach in Orange County California. I serviced three local music stores as well as rehearsal studios and music schools in the West Los Angeles Basin: Labor rate $60 per hour. $30 per hour if you mention this add! Thank You, Ed Gotti - KE7VHN - Westside Performance Guitar and Amplifier Repair - 425.408.1236 Shop - 310.871.6120 Cell - westsideperf@sbcglobal.net
WA My name is Richard Park and my company is RPA Amplification located in Redmond, Washington. I specialize in repair and/or restoration of vintage and modern tube amplifiers and custom amp builds. Have great references available upon request and work on almost every brand of tube amp. There are a few modern amps I will not accept to perform repair on, but the list is very short. My email is rich7219@gmail.com  My phone number is: (206) 604-2008
WI Ben Woyak builds, modifies and repairs tube guitar amplifiers and pro audio gear. Will work on all point-to-point gear and some pc board gear on a case by case basis. Specializes in hotrodding, kit assembly, custom builds and clones of classic amps. Email benw@tannerystudio.com

We are Ideal Innovations, owned & operated by Syd Beaumont and are located in Woodstock Ontario. With 40 years experience we have the ability to repair/restore all makes and models of vacuum tube and solid state equipment including Hi-Fi power & integrated amplifiers and preamps, musical instrument amplifiers including acoustic and electric guitar, bass and keyboard, and all types & brands of professional audio equipment.  Basically if it's an amplifier or any type of audio equipment, we can repair it.  Please see our website for all the info on the new equipment we build, and a full description on our service laboratory’s abilities.  www.idealinnovations.biz Phone us toll free @ 1-855-537-8181, Email & full contact info is on our site.
Guitar Amp Service, Repairs and Modifications in Toronto. Fast turn-around. Qualified tech. Fully-equipped. Located near Runnymede subway station in the West End. Please contact Peter Maziar at 416-762-4154 for more information.
My name is Dave Walker. I live in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. I'm a certified Electronics Technician through George Brown College in Toronto. I've built several vintage Fender Tube Amps—Champs, Deluxes, and Bassman's using Doug's Parts. I am currently willing to help people finish their amp kits or chassis, or build them from the ground up. Reasonable rates. Reasonable turnaround. dave125@shaw.ca
Gary Benet, Benetech Eng. Guitar Amplifier Tech / Engineer / Musician, Montreal, Quebec. Specialize in vacuum tube know-how for musicians and audiophiles. Repair, modify, restore, custom design, engineer, anything tube amp or related. Over 40 yrs experience. Solid State stuff is welcome case depending. Can do guitar and pedal repairs, mods, tweaks but electronics only, no woodwork or fretwork. Truss rod, bridge harmonic tuning, pickup adjusts, no problem. Email gary.benet@gmail.com  In or near Montreal phone: (514) 483-1535.
I am located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada My name is Chris Church you can contact me at 1-905-385-6872 I fix solid state or tube Guitar amps. I specialize in amplifier repairs and restorations to original specs. I specialize in vintage amplifiers. I offer a 1 year warranty on all amp repairs and a 90 day warranty on all tubes I replace. I charge a flat rate of $55.00 per hour. I also do modifications and Un-modifications of amps that have been poorly modified.
My name is Bill Gill and I am located in Western Canada and have been repairing amps for 15 years. I can fix any tube amp and have worked on
many well-known and obscure brands, but my specialty is Vintage Fender restorations. I also do custom builds and enjoy working with players to help them achieve the sound and tone they desire. If you need parts I carry a full line of tubes and parts, both NOS and new. Email bgill1@telus.net
My name is Rich Gowman, and I am the owner and operator of Amplifiers Plus in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. Kitchener is about 1 hour west of Toronto, Canada. My shop services many retail music stores through southern and southwestern Ontario. I have been servicing guitar and bass amplifiers for over 10 years now, and I have been in the service industry for over 20 years. I have lots of experience dealing with the public. My business concentrates only on guitar and bass amplifiers: I do not repair stereo, hi fi or p.a. equipment. I prefer to concentrate my skills on giving the best service on new and especially vintage guitar and bass amplifiers. I have several customer references if needed. Amplifiers Plus is a warranty depot for Fender, Marshall, Vox, Crate, Ampeg, and several others. I enjoy working on most new equipment, but, obviously, prefer older tube amps. My shop hours are 10 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday. My phone # is 519-744-7554. There is an answering machine there, and I return most calls the same day or next business day. Email - ampsplus@bellnet.ca
Dan Santoni , DTS Audio Electronics, Hamilton, ON . With more than 20 years experience repairing, customizing, and building music and audio equipment. Tube or solid state, vintage or modern. Service to Fender, Gibson, Traynor, Garnet, VOX etc. If it makes music we can fix it. Including, vintage and modern audio equipment service. Proven custom mods and upgrades available as well. Dealer contract service available. Contact info@dtsaudioelectronics.com  - Website - www.dtsaudioelectronics.com
Soundservice - Mark Seed - Repairs to all tube and solid state amplifiers and new and used commercial and residential audio equipment. Over 20 years experience in the field of Repairing / installing sound systems in night clubs, resturants, factorys and residential applications. All quotes are free and only repairs are done upon customers request. Also repairs and service to all vintage audio components. We service all amplifiers / equipment from marshall and vox to Fisher and mcintosh. Worldwide service please do not hesitate to email us at soundservice@msn.com we are located in Waterdown, Ontario Canada.
My Name's Alain M. Beriault I have been a Musician for 23 years and around tube amps all my life. I started repairing tube amplifiers around 1990 and have excelled with leaps and bounds since that day. I repair all makes of tube amplifiers, Fender , Marshall, Gibson and Hiwatt to name a few. Every tube amp that enters my shop get's treated with the same professional respect. About 7 years ago I bought out a gentleman's Tube Repair Business with it many NOS parts from the 50's and 60's. Where ever possible I try to preserve the value of the amplifier by only changing the weak/worn parts with NOS or brand new of equal or exceeding quality. All of my work is guaranteed for at least 6 months. Any or all defective parts are returned to owner as I strive to run an honest business. I offer Complete Overhauls, Restoration, Hot Rod Modding Customizing.and Tube Amp Kit Assembly. I am located in Eastern Ontario will make service calls if needed (travelling expenses to be calculated) contact info: beriauala@aol.com cell: (613) 340-9124
Leif Bodnarchuk - Guitar / Amp technician - Toronto Canada Electric guitar, amplifier and pedal repairs/mods and custom work. Please visit my website - http://www.eastdaleamps.com Email - leif@eastdaleamps.com
Tom Monaghan, Gallo Amplification. Grenoside, Sheffield, UK 0114 2402798. tomplook@hotmail.com . I build, repair, and modify tube (valve) amplifiers. I also can build and test your amp from any kit. I specialize in Fender tweed, Ceriatone kits, Vox, Matchless, Trainwreck, Marshall. I have been building and repairing tube amps since 1999. I only work on tube amps. Service charge of £20 per hour. Estimates for builds.

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